You made it!

I am so excited you’ve decided to start making conscious moves!! 

Hi! I’m Blake, an RYT 200 Yoga Instructor here to help you get started with your Yoga practice! I really believe in the power of making changes in your life, for the better. By even starting with just one positive thought, major shifts can happen and before you know it you’ve manifested some serious greatness. Ok… I know that sounds like some magic nonsense, some woo woo BS, something only rich people say BUT, I did not start rich, I don’t traffic in BS and I never received my letter to Hogwarts…. Despite those setbacks, cool things can happen when you put your mind to it.

In 2014, my life changed forever. Essentially overnight, I had developed extreme pelvic pain that took me on a journey for years to countless Ologists, going through wild and painful treatments and procedures, depression, and medical debt – all to end up at Yoga’s doorstep.

Beginning with one yoga class a week and a single positive thought a day, everything turned around and today I thrive <3 I truly believe making conscious moves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually will upgrade your life in ways you never though possible. Let me help you get started with a pose and a positive thought! Are you ready to start making conscious moves together!?

-xo B